Our company

Our values, our service

Your satisfaction, our existing partnerships, and the trust of our customers are our top priorities at windpower-concept GmbH.

Our customer management shortens your path to the right offer, and of course with a fair price/performance ratio. The availability of reserves and quick responses to your scheduling permit uncomplicated handling of training, instruction sessions, and service interventions at your company. Our goal is to build unrestricted trust with our clients.

We understand customer support as a cooperative, long-term, trusting relationship.

We take advantage of potential. We see criticism as recognition and an ideal benefit for our company in order to continue to improve our services for you.

The quality, variety, and breadth of our service offerings meet the strict requirements of the wind energy industry, implemented by our engaged, well-educated technical staff. Our cooperation with manufacturers allows us to offer training on wind energy installations or individual components of a wind energy installation.

Systematic and professional quantity control is becoming a reality in our industry, and our customers are already benefiting from it today.

Our staff is our potential

our trainers are our most important capital. Their know-how and expertise allows us to provide high-quality training concepts and service interventions.

We strive to create long-term relationship with our employees, and offer the individual development paths.

This continuous improvement with respect to technical solutions and the development of skills in our team is the foundation for our success. That's why our motto is: Together, we'll conquer the future and build the new generation.

In our team, you are guaranteed to find the right contact for your concerns - talk to us.

Andrea Gäßner

Commercial specialist



Accounting, business correspondence, project management

Roy Becker

Electrical engineering



Project management, fiberglass composite plastics

Trainer: EuP, rotor blade access using rotor blade service lifts, PPE against fall on wind energy installations

Silvio Penke

plastic technician



Trainer: Fiberglass composite plastics on polyester and epoxy basis, specializing in rotor blades

Andreas Bartölke

Industrial climber, FISAT Level III supervisor



Trainer: rope access and rescue techniques on and in rotor blades, PPE against fall on wind turbines

Ingolf Rauschenbach

Qualified electrical engineer



Trainer: EuP, electrician for defined activities on wind energy installations

Training as sustainability

Sustainability is a basic component of our vision. "Together, we'll conquer the future and build up the new generation." This allows us not only to position ourselves as a pioneer in the resource-friendly technologies of the future, but also as a knowledge mediator for technicians in the global fight against climate change.

To continue to strengthen the wind industry, there is a need for the continuing education of technicians in new technologies and materials as well as the training of new staff. So we support the sustainable development of the energy market during the transformation to a planet driven by regenerative energy, and in that context we provide know-how about environmentally protective materials and processes.